The Simple Tune  $39

Has your bike been sitting for a while? This check-up is perfect for Beach Cruisers, Fixies, and other Leisure bikes. It includes minor gear and brake adjustments, all nuts and bolts are tightened, chain lubed, tires aired, and a quick wipe down to get you back on the road.  

The Full Tune $99

Are you an avid rider? We recommend this bi-annual service to keep your bike working well throughout the season. This tune includes, all adjustments to your bikes brakes, gears, bearings, and wheels to get you back on the road or trail.

The Deluxe Tune $199

Has your bike been feeling neglected lately? This package includes the Full Tune +  a drivetrain bath, headset/bottom bracket cleaning and replace cables and housing with color options and replenish your tubeless tire sealant.

The Whole Enchilada $399

Includes the Deluxe Tune + we take your bike down to the bare frame while inspecting and cleaning of all pivot bearings and linkages. We also change all of your fluids by overhauling your front fork, rear shock and bleeding the brakes. All labor is covered for any replacement parts at this time. This is your once a year factory reset and preventive tune to ensure a long happy life for your pride and joy.