Men’s Stars and Stripes T -Shirt


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Your girlfriend or boyfriend will want to steel this shirt, or at least snuggle up to it. It’s a super soft tri-blend fabric perfect for a night of Netflix binging .

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5 thoughts on “Men’s Stars and Stripes T -Shirt”

    1. Hello Alex,

      Thank you for the inquiry. We sold through those rather quickly but will be placing a rerun later this week. We would expect to receive them back in-stock in about 2-3 weeks. We will message you when they arrive. Thank you – Jesse

        1. Hi Alex,
          We should be receiving a new shipment of shirts in about 2 weeks. I will let you know as soon as they come in. We will throw in some extra stickers with your as a thank you for your patience.
          Thank you,

        2. Hi Alex. We have received our new shipment and the quantities and sizes have been updated! Thank you for your patience! We will throw in a few stickers with your order as a thank you!

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