Short Bus James

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James Van Vorst AKA, ShortBus James, has become an underground celebrity in the Arizona biking scene. Running the South Mountain Sunday ShortBus Shuttles since 2000, volunteering at Sunrise Park Resort as a trail builder since 1999 and currently serving on the board of GRO-AZ as Board Member X. 

1. If the world were attacked by zombies and you had to make a camp on 5 square miles for the rest of your life where would it be?

At first I thought Angel Fire, NM, as there aren't a lot of people to turn into zombies. But preparing for winter might be a bit too much. I think Prescott might be a better choice with milder winters and lots of trails to ride.

2. What bike would you choose for the zombie apocalypse and why?

 I would choose a sturdy cargo bike to be able to collect necessities (food, weapons, etc).

3. For those who want to improve their cycling knowledge or abilities what resources or activities will have the greatest impact?

I think the best way to improve is to get out and ride with people who are good riders. Take a riding course and focus on the basics. Learn how to fix and maintain your ride.

4. What trails do you most often recommend to beginner downhill mtb bikers?

Outside of Phoenix, probably Schultz Creek in Flagstaff, or any of the green trails at Angel Fire, NM. Inside of Phoenix, I would recommend National Trail from Buena Vista to Mormon and Pima lot.

5. What is your favorite cycling movie/documentary and why? 

I don't know if I have a favorite, but the Kranked series was pretty good back in the day. Kranked 2 had a good soundtrack. 

6. What kind of opportunities has cycling brought into your life?

Cycling has given me the opportunity to travel and see places I might not get to other than on two wheels. It has allowed me to meet lots of great people and have some incredible experiences. I also get satisfaction being able to give back to the community.

7. What is your routine when you are preparing yourself to mtb? What do you bring to eat or drink?

Before a ride I try to make sure my bike is ready by checking tires, wheels, brakes, fasteners, etc. I also carry tools and spares (tube, chain link) For myself I make sure I have plenty of water, and maybe some snacks ( nuts, trail mix, maybe energy bars), and if I have room in my pack maybe a beer or two.

8. If you had to be attached to a tandem bicycle forever, what person (fiction or nonfiction, past or present) would you choose? 

Fictional character, Romanadvoratelundar, from Doctor Who. Can't think of a better choice to spend forever with than a Time Lady.

9. If you were taking Professional Mountain Biker, Emily Batty, on a date in the valley where would you go?

I would take her to K trails out by Gold Canyon to see the Superstition Mountains and ride fun trails. Then probably dinner and drinks at Beer Research Institute.

10. What is the greatest impact cycling has had on your life?

The greatest impact cycling has had would be feeling part of a community and being able to give back with building trails with GroAZ and serving the community with the ShortBus.